Plastic Jar

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The 4 oz clear plastic jars are what we use to hold our glitter in my studio. I love the completely clear plastic because I can easily see the colors or products inside. Since we have been asked so frequently about our glitter wall we added them for all of you! 

Most of our 2 oz bags of glitter fill these 4 oz jars, especially the chunky blends and feather cuts. We also use them for storing other items including rhinestones, and other small crafting items as well as paints we have mixed for projects. 

*4 oz clear plastic jar featuring a black lid. As seen on our glitter wall (also shown in pictures below.) Printing clear labels looks great and also makes for a quick way to identify colors! *Also comes with a blank Featherbear label, that fits the lid perfectly for consistent labeling. (Not stuck to the jar, included in package)